Tuesday, April 19, 2005

feeding at the trough of ass

My stylist and my majordomo were helping me get ready for a date on Friday. Majordomo and I haven't seen each other in a long while, so I was bringing him up to speed on who I was going out with. Even if my date turns out to be a snore, at least it was fun getting all dolled up over drinks with smart and funny people. There were the usual questions, like, "What does he look like?" and "Where is he taking you?" but my favorite one is, "How did you guys meet?"

I told them my cute meet story, which is very sweet. I won't get into it here. I ask majordomo, "What about your and your new boyfriend? How did you two meet?"


"I don't get around much sweetie, what is that, a bar? Is it downtown?"

He laughs but is a little embarrassed, "Asspig.com, it's a dating site."

It just doesn't matter how much prep time I have, this is the stuff that keeps happening and keeps me from getting anywhere on time.

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