Monday, April 11, 2005

so where do 100,000 people park?

5300 spaces. That's all I have from my notes. Hmm. I think something is missing. Let's see, 7200-seat theater, 5300 parking spaces. Oh wait, Leiweke said they'd be tripling the volume of available parking spaces. Yeah, that sounds better.

My notes are ass, but Leiweke also said something about taking the old buildings downtown, converting them to residential so that you won't need additional parking because people will already live downtown. Um, I think people who live downtown might have friends. Occasionally, they might be convinced to visit. They might also want to go out somewhere while downtown. In any case, I think we'll need more parking. And $20 for parking will probably curtail the tendency to park close to LA Live. It'd be great if the DASH ran later and had specific circular nighttime routes, like from the Historic Core/Gallery Row to J-Town, Chinatown, Music Center, Staples/Convention Center, Fashion District and then back to Gallery Row.

Hold on, just found another scribbled note. Leiweke credits a lot of the future success of LA Live to all the residential development downtown, he mentions Tom Gilmore specifically. Leiweke predicts that the the number of people who live and work in downtown Los Angeles will grow from 10,000 currently to 100,000. I don't have a timeframe for that growth. Yeah, we'll need more parking.

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