Monday, March 21, 2005

they are specialized

The LA Downtown News has a story on where to shop for groceries downtown. They list the usual and lament the long-delayed opening of the Ralphs in South Park. I've shopped in all the places listed except for the Chinatown Farmer's Market. They've left out one great place to get your grocery shopping done - LAX-C Inc. Just a warning, this is as OG as it gets. I love the intro on their website, "We are specialized in the oriental foods and all restaurant Supplies." This gem of a store is a lot bigger than their website suggests. It is a huge warehouse of canned goods, cleaning products, cooking utensils, fresh fruits and vegetables, frozen foods - you name it. This is where most Asian restaurants get their supplies, so you'll find a large selection of takeout containers and every type and brand of rice and noodles available. Need a bamboo steamer? Whatever size do you need, they have it. Looking for Durian ice cream? How large a tub would you like? Bok choy? How about a 5-lb. bag?

LAX-C is low-key and a little out of the way, but if you know the way to the San Antonio Winery and Restaurant, you passed right by this place without knowing it. LAX-C doesn't accept orders straight from their website, but you can fill out their form and fax your orders to them. This is great if you already know what you want, but LAX-C is worth a visit. I could wander the aisles for hours (and I have), so come prepared with your grocery list.

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