Saturday, November 12, 2005

late night incoherent ramblings disguised as post writes in the comments below that he/she/they(?) had no idea there was a bar at the Arclight. How could you not know about a bar at the Arclight? Doesn't everyone have that thing like with pigeons knowing where home is, only instead of "home", it's towards large groupings of alcoholic beverages? And couldn't that be "home"? No? In any case, there is a bar upstairs as well as downstairs. On two separate occasions while at the downstairs bar I spotted Bradley Whitford and James Cameron dining. But at the upstairs bar there was that incident with that porn star who ran for Governor - what was her name again? What was my point again? Oh yeah, comments.

Shannon, I'm glad that I was the only one who suffered and you were able to derive some pleasure and benefit from my poor judgement and misfortune. Buy me a drink the next time you see me and I'll tell you the one where my date tells me about his criminal history and how he passed the time in prison.

Thanks Jim, I think I deserved a better movie, too. No more actors, unless it's Javier Bardem. My astrologist says no more Geminis. But I'm opening up the age range. With one great exception I've always dated my age or older, but now the acceptable age range has been officially lowered to 26. Speaking of that great exception - Chris, it's November and I have two words for you: pumpkin bread.

Nanette, don't be scared, he's gone now.

Angel, my eyes were spinning. At one point the left one got stuck up at the top of my head. I don't know how I maintained. I don't get enough credit for my remarkable restraint.


jim said...

while you do indeed deserve better, it was actually a different jim that said that.

(late night? i was awake by the time you posted. i am so turning into my dad.)

oh yeah: mary carey. said...

you deserve better. and thank you for addressing my bar ignorance. i go through life with blinders on, that's the truth...also, i am a "he", sometimes a "they", whatever you prefer.