Saturday, November 26, 2005

hollywood sexcapades

I got home about an hour ago and turned on the television for background noise. It was on a Cinemax channel showing this awful soft-core, Hollywood Sexcapades. I couldn't bring myself to switch channels - it had a ridiculous story line about this blogger chick who was trying a dating service called Black Tie, or something like that. When she wasn't banging all her dates porn-style, she was yapping incessantly about her blog and how she blogs about all the really important issues. She neglected to mention what those issues were. However, she did have enough time between the hot monkey sex and the blogging, which I can tell you firsthand is a huge time-suck, to go searching through the Hollywood Hills for a three-headed coyote called "El Diablo". Yeah, I don't understand it either. Her life seemed pretty full to me, what with all that sex and the blogging.

I wonder if she blogged about the coyote and if the comments were more like, "That's not the Hollywood Hills," rather than "That is a huge crack," or "Uh, that three-headed coyote is wearing red Converse All-Stars".

Bikini-A-Go-Go came on next, which has the worst boob jobs and the worst acting I have ever seen. But no bloggers.


jim said...

i think "awful soft-core" is redundant.

but i don't think there is much shame in watching it when it is on.

the shame is in tivoing it.

Dave Bullock / eecue said...

this has nothing to do with this post but there is a rave in your building tonight!