Tuesday, May 03, 2005

a time for all things

I had to talk to my astrologer tonight, but it was late when I got home. I had so much on my mind - the email I received today from an old boyfriend, a phone call from one of my roommates, and the lousy films I just saw made my last chart incomprehensible to me. I got online and IM'd my astrologer. He made some noise about needing to get up early in the morning, but I pressed on. He tapped out something about how late it was and how if he stayed up chatting with me, it would cut into his masturbatory meditation time. I guess my questions will have to wait.


Nanette said...

You have an astrologer, a PI, a lawyer AND a Puppet?!?! I've never met someone with such an entourage! :)

celia said...

Unfortunately, I don't have a Puppet. But hope springs eternal. I do have a a psychic, majordomo, hair stylist (though we're not on speaking terms right now), and a drug buddy. What I need is a trainer, a facialist, and a boyfriend. Jeez, I sound like Kirstie Alley.