Thursday, May 19, 2005

pictures from a wedding

The pictures are finally in from my sister's wedding and reception from May 7th. If you didn't read my earlier post, the wedding took place at Adam's (the wedding planner and dear friend) fabulous penthouse apartment in downtown Los Angeles and the reception was at Cole's down the street.

This is Angel, the visiting dignitary from Chicago and my brother Angel, the best man. They're on the patio of Adam's apartment at the cocktail party before the ceremony. Isn't the view fabulous? It gets better.
Angel A and Angel E

My mom, my two aunts, a cousin and a sorority sister at the cocktail party on the patio. The food and drinks were fabulous. Adam really outdid himself.
Pre-ceremony cocktail party on patio

Here's the bride, walking down the aisle. Doesn't my sister look beautiful? She looks so happy.
Laura walks down the aisle

Allan, music supervisor extraordinaire, officiated at the wedding. Remember the Princess Bride? Allan was spot on, "Marriage. Marriage is what brings us here today..." then the vows, which the couple wrote themselves, part of which was inspired by Dr. Seuss.

"Will you love her on a train, will you love her in the rain?
Will you love her here or there, will you love her everywhere?"
Allan marries Laura and James

Through metaphor and reality, through chaos and order. And through the comic and the tragic. They said yes.
Laura and James post-kiss

Minister Mason and my family with the happy couple.
bride's family with Allan and the happy couple

This was the reception on Adam's patio. It was such a beautiful night.

The happy couple on the patio, after cutting the cake, numerous toasts and disposing of the bouquet and garter.
Laura and James

Leaving the building on a candlelight procession...
candlelight procession starts

Around the block to Cole's
candlelight procession to Cole's

The whole gang at Cole's before we all got really really drunk
Cole's reception


:: jozjozjoz :: said...

Good lookin' group!

Nanette said...

Everyone looks so happy and like they had a blast! Thanks for sharing!