Tuesday, May 24, 2005


It's been a busy week. I received a call last week to work on a feature film which started shooting in Los Angeles last Thursday (I can't blog about it). So it's been twelve to fourteen-hour days and going out afterwards instead of getting rest like I should have (more on where I went after work later). On top of all that, I did a thing for Australian TV, which I can blog about.

I was all over downtown Los Angeles and Melrose today, squiring an Australian TV crew from The Great Outdoors around town. The Great Outdoors is a travel show and one of the highest-rated TV shows in Australia. Seven co-hosts travel all over Australia and the world, showing Aussies a variety of fun, cool, weird and/or noteworthy destinations.

Thanks to the Los Angeles Convention and Tourist Bureau (Robin, you're the best!) and Shopper Shuttle (thank you Camille and Sandra!), I guided the producer, host, and their crew (and consequently, Australian audiences) to some of the best shopping destinations in Los Angeles. Not all my favorite shops were open to being disrupted by a TV crew, so we didn't get to go everywhere I wanted and neither did they, but the TV crew visited stores on Rodeo Drive, Melrose, and downtown Los Angeles (my favorite part of this city). We started this past Sunday, filming exteriors of downtown shops and interiors of Melrose shops. Yesterday was Rodeo/Beverly Hills, and today we shot exteriors on Melrose and interiors downtown.

I don't know how my sense of humor will play with Australian audiences, but I spent more time on camera than I expected. I shared the screen with co-host Shelley Craft, a consummate pro, and fellow shopaholic. She was a great "straight man", feeding me good questions and setting up my jokes so I didn't fall flat on my face. The crew and producer were very supportive as well, giving me great pointers and laughing in all the right places (after yelling "cut", of course). The show airs in June and if I don't come off looking like a total ass then I'll probably post the clip somewhere online.

I'm staying home tonight so I can get some rest. I have a 7am call tomorrow - there's only so much that Red Bull and concealer can do. I hope I can make it to the end of principal photography without getting sick, but it doesn't look good. There are too many fun things to do after the 14-hour workday this coming week and too many willing participants.

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Secret feature film??? Sounds mysterious. :)