Tuesday, March 20, 2007

tomorrow is mySQL sports day

My husband works for mySQL and tomorrow is their Global Sports Day, where all 360 employees in 29 countries are supposed to step away from the keyboard, engage in some sporting activity and to document it. They are reimbursed for expenses and the most creative activity, picture, and/or story receives an additional reward.

When Jim first mentioned it to me a week or so ago, I thought, "Sweet! I'll get my cue, let's go shoot some pool!" Then Jim suggested bowling at Lucky Strike. Or finding a used ping-pong table on eBay. Then I suggested we get some roller skates and lay down some duct tape in our living room in an oval shape, make ourselves a roller-skating rink. After all, we have the space and a disco ball.

Now I'm completely paralyzed by indecision. Do we go for something simple and just take the free day of company-sponsored activity? Or does my competitive nature take over and we have to come up with something that will garner an additional reward? And where did I put my roller skates?


Shopping Sherpa said...

Get each friend to bring a bag of sand up to the rooftop. Set up a a bacci, volleyball, badminton, or some sand-sport tournament next to your grill and/or firepit. Bring the beach to Downtown LA! :) (Heck, buy some fun kites and fly it on your rooftop! Isn't that a sport?)

Shopping Sherpa said...

Um, sorry, what was I thinking.... go shopping! Now that's a sport!