Wednesday, March 21, 2007

my love of famima makes national news

I was interviewed by my cousin Angel for the CSP Daily News (that's Convenience Store Petroleum, a trade magazine) re the wonderful thing that is Famima!! Here's the article itself and my Q&A with the writer. BTW, I did not proclaim myself a hipster, that's so obviously a mistake.


Angel ABC said...

I'm looking through my notes, and yes, I suppose you didn't actually say you were a hipster, you just communicated it to me subliminally--just the way professional hipsters do.

Anyway, did not mean to offend. Thanks again for the great comments. The articles got a high click rate and we even had the head of marketing at Valero Corp. e-mail us and thank us for the story.

Thanks again!

Gabrielle P said...

I know you would never proclaim yourself to be the hipsters that you most definitely are. But who are these Hollywood Bowl friends that offer such valuable suggestions? I want to meet THEM!

celia said...

you are THEM! you and jim brought the zebra popcorn to the hollywood bowl, remember?