Tuesday, March 27, 2007

heeding the call, looking for signs

Today, LA City Nerd issued a call to action - for bloggers in Los Angeles to take pictures of their community name signs in the city and post them to this Flickr group. Here's a list of all the community names.

I came back from a visit with my art dealer and snapped this Old Bank District sign. But what's that in the distance? A billboard for a downtown strip club? No, look closer, in front of the billboard.
Old Bank District neighborhood sign

It's the Toy District and Historic Downtown signs.
Toy District & Historic Downtown neighborhood sign

More signs from the Historic Core, Fashion District, and Gallery Row:
Historic Core neighborhood sign

Fashion District neighborhood sign

Gallery Row neighborhood sign

It was a nice day and I ran into Ginny, Bert and Ben at Lost Souls Cafe. Have you tried their ube shake? So yummy.

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LA City Nerd said...

Thanks for your help thus far! I've got one of Chinatown waiting to be posted, so that's ok.

Hopefully others will partake and being to post to the Flickr page.