Friday, February 24, 2006

two celebrity sightings

Last weekend Jim and I stayed at the Surf & Sand in Laguna Beach for the long weekend. It was so beautiful and Jim snapped a few pictures. They had some sort of reception with an open bar and lots of appetizers, so we thought we'd check it out before going to dinner at my favorite Southern California restaurant, French 75, which is just across the street from the Surf & Sand. We walked into the bar and it was packed with people staking out a nice spot to watch the sunset. As we walked in I noticed a guy standing in the doorway waiting for a table. He looked familiar but I couldn't place him. I asked Jim if he knew who that guy was, but he didn't recognize him. We walked outside to enjoy our beverages on the patio when a woman comes tearing out of the bar, yelling into her cell phone, "Oh my god! I'm, like, twenty feet away from Freddy Krueger!" Thank Buddha because I never would've figured that out and it would've driven me nuts trying. Jeez, he must get that all the time. Then we went on to French 75 and one of the most deliciously luxurious meals ever, complete with kir royales and a dazzling chocolate souffle - but no celebrities.

The next day we headed to Disneyland. We headed over the the Enchanted Tiki Room just before sunset. Jim had his camera out, taking a ton of pictures. He was taking this one when I noticed a Disney staffer looking over nervously. She relaxed when she realized that Jim wasn't taking pictures of Hugh Jackman, who she was escorting through the park along with his family, but of the lantern above him. I whispered to Jim, "Dude, that's Hugh Jackman." I don't think he cared, he just said something like, "That's nice," and kept on taking pictures of everything but Hugh Jackman and his family.

I'm glad he's so not Hollywood. Only one starfucker per household, right?

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jim said...

once you've had dinner with mummenschanz, all other celebrities are a letdown.