Wednesday, February 22, 2006

space cadets

Jim and I went to Disneyland and California Adventure over the holiday weekend and tried out some new rides.

Jim and Celia-AstroBlaster2006

Could I look any more like a space cadet? It was probably the ears. As you can see by my score, I had given up on hitting the targets on the AstroBlaster. There's a joke there somewhere. Jim, who ignored me for the entire game/ride, scored more than twice as much as I did. There's a joke somewhere there, too.

This is me and Jim on California Screamin' at California Adventure. We were in the front row and even if you have to wait an extra half-hour to ride in front, I heartily recommend it.

Jim and Celia-AstroBlaster 2006

I don't know why it looks like I have a mouth full of spinach, but I didn't. That's Jim hopped up on two buckets of caramel corn and a cinnamon roll. It was a good day.

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Nanette said...

How fun! :)