Thursday, February 23, 2006

paralyzed by indecision

I'm looking to get into a new cellular phone, my old one is a little too temperamental. I think I may have dropped it one time too many, or maybe I shouldnt've answered it in the shower those times. So it's time for a new one.

I have a Palm Treo with Sprint service for work. I like the Treo, but I don't like using it as a phone. It's large and unwieldy and doesn't fit in my cell phone holder. And when I say cell phone holder, I mean my bra. My other cell phone, my personal cell phone, the temperamental one, is cute little LG clamshell that tucks into my holder nicely. That's the one we're replacing. So here are the contenders:

Nokia 6102
Nokia 6102
I've always liked Nokia phones. I didn't know they came out with a clamshell phone until a guy at work showed off his new 6102. It does fit nicely in the holder. I asked that guy at work if I could check out his phone, so I tucked it into the holder to see if it would fit and not ruin the line of my top or if it was too big and would fall out the side if I moved, and he acted like I shoved it in my pants. It was a little warm when I handed it back to him, but it wasn't moist or anything like that. Should I not have done that?
Black Razr V3
Black Razr V3
You have to admit, this is one hot looking phone. I was concerned that the flat but wide dimensions of the phone wouldn't fit into the holder. I first tested it out in the holder on that last film I worked on a few months ago. The producer who kept asking me out on the set handed his Black Razr to me so I could make a phone call and when I was done I tucked it into my holder absentmindedly. I moved around a little bit to see if it would fall to the side or forward. It slid a bit, but held okay. I handed it back to him and, I kid you not, he smelled the phone and said, "Aaaahhh, it smells like Celia." Uh, how the hell does he know it smells like me? My smell could bitchslap him and he couldn't recognize it. But that's another story and has nothing to do with my phone selection.

Silver Razr V3

Silver Razr V3
Another guy at the office got a new phone, this silver one. He likes it just fine, but he has different criteria than I. He didn't mind when I tested his phone in the holder.
Hello Kitty Nokia 6102 phone
Nokia 6010 Hello Kitty Phone
Isn't it pretty? It's so pretty.

I need to make a decision by midnight tonight. Which one do you think I should get?


Shannon said...

i'm torn between that sweet silver razr and the pink hello kitty....i know you will choose wisely. and it's perfectly acceptable to test out the phones in the holder. i usually keep $$ there. anyone want to make a withdrawl???

jim said...

remind me not to shake hands with guys that had problems with their cell phones being in your holder.

Gabrielle P said...

The razor will make your boobs look FLAT. Go for the more ROUNDED casing of the Nokia.