Monday, February 13, 2006

blame jim

The other night, I asked Jim if he was going to start all of his posts with, “Celia and I…” Then he made fun of my “weekly” blog posts, as if he weren’t the reason I blog so infrequently these days. Okay, maybe he’s just one of the reasons.

But if you’re looking for a reason why I haven’t been blogging about these recent happenings:
• going to Sonic Scenery at the Natural History Museum to give my new video iPod a test-spin;
• the Chinese New Year Parade;
• going to Disneyland on Super Bowl Sunday;
• Jim meeting my parents (I haven’t brought anyone home to meet my parents in over ten years), my brother, some close friends and my dealer;
• what happened when Cole’s didn’t have turkey one night and Allan broke his record of eating the same meal for 5 ½ years;
• running around a commercial set in Adam’s penthouse with only a towel on and why Jim, Adam, and two other people were doing the same (there is photographic evidence, though I haven’t seen it);
• why Jim looks around for women with large breasts every time I sniffle;
• flanked by Adam and Kathy, my new BFF, I caught a screening of Wallace and Gromit in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit and stayed for the Q&A afterwards with creator/co-director Nick Park and co-director Steve Box;
• location scouts were in my living room and structural engineers were on my roof this morning, testing whether it can hold a crane with tons of lights for a film they want to shoot at my pad;
• paid a visit to Mack Reed at his beautiful, modern house in Silverlake and now my eyes are green with house envy;
Jim spoke at some geek conference this weekend and we wondered whether or not this is true;
• taking Shopper Shuttle’s posh new shuttle to Barker Hangar in Santa Monica for Barney’s Warehouse Sale on opening day.

Who should you blame? Jim.

For those interested in the Spiderman 3 pics, I reminded my loftmate again this weekend that people were waiting anxiously. “I’ll get right on that,” he promised. Then Jim got a letter from the management of his building – Spiderman 3 will be filming outside his building in a few weeks. I guess they’ve got a lot of night shoots scheduled with tons of noise and bright lights so they offered to put residents of his building up at the Biltmore, so as not to disturb them. So all you patient people from the Superhero Forum should probably email Jim and ask him all sorts of detailed questions about the upcoming Spiderman 3 filming.


jim said...

hey, you can't blame me for the wallace and gromit screening. or cole's running out of turkey. or the location scouting.

celia said...

But you're the reason I didn't blog about any of those things.