Saturday, November 05, 2005

that's must-see tv

Whatever it is you're doing, stop and TiVO or drop everything on Sunday night at 8pm to watch the live presidential debate on The West Wing between Congressman Santos (Jimmy Smits) and Senator Vinick (Alan Alda), and moderated by Forrest Sawyer. Since it's a live event, they're actually doing the show twice - once for the east coast and a second time for Pacific/Central time zones. I'm starting to enjoy this show again. I miss Aaron Sorkin. Someone send a PA over to JJ Abrams to get some drugs for Aaron so he can crank out the amazing storylines and dialogue again.

Then I might just switch over to Fox and check out Family Guy at 9pm. I hear that this episode is in response to the Parents Television Council, which ranked the show #2 in its worst TV show list. I love that. After all, what's the point of having a soapbox if you're not going to use it?

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jim said...

i've abandoned all sorts of series this year, but the west wing has had enough interesting episodes this season for me to hang on. i'm hoping the live episode is one of the good ones.

sorkin is developing a show set behind the scenes of a show like saturday night live that is supposed to start next season. given the stories of rampant drug use at snl, i think it would only make sense for him to be on drugs to write it.

i look forward to seeing the episode where one of the characters writes a letter to a family member and the one where the boss says they like to hire people who disagree with them.

but even when sorkin is recycling his own material, he's brilliant.