Saturday, November 05, 2005

a rodeo clown keeps me from blogging

Sorry for the scarcity of posts, I'm trying to get used to this new gig, new computer, new phone, and new haircut as well as finish a screenplay and read the new Joan Didion book. Besides blogging, I haven't had time to get a pedicure/manicure, drop off my dry cleaning, bring 10 pairs of pants and two jackets in for alterations, go grocery shopping, and see my masseuse, dealer, facialist, psychic or astrologist. All that has to wait until I finish reading this screenplay about a rodeo clown and his dog.

I got home last night and couldn't find any peace. They're filming Spiderman 3 in my building and on my block. I managed to figure out how my new Treo works, so I snapped a picture:

alexandria hotel spiderman 3 shoot

Okay, it's not very good. They'll be here for a while, I'll take others. I hope they don't shoot until 4am for an entire week, especially if they're going to be stomping around on my roof. Then Spiderman will have to join the rodeo clown on the list of reasons why I can't sleep or blog.

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Team said...

wtf, is the above message supposed to be saying?
Anyhoo, glad to see you back in the blogging swim. Isn't 9-5 work a menace? It just eats up all the time for having a life, nu?