Monday, April 16, 2007

Ten Illegal Items I Found in Celia's Medicine Cabinet

OK -- so I wrote that subject line just to scare her a little bit, in case she's checking in from Paradise.

Truth is, I haven't found anything illicit so far, but people seem to think I will. Take my friend Soo. I told her about Celia & Jim's hospitable invitation, and the conversation went a little like this:

Soo: So, what's the place like?

Me: [Description this, description that, huge, cavernous space, deck size of a football field, spectacular city view, etc., etc.]

Soo: Yeah, but are there, like, a bunch of Hello Kitty vibrators hanging from the ceiling? I'd imagine there would be.

Ahhhhh! I thought they were cigar holders.

So ... well ... maybe the vice is there -- I'm just not hip to it.

Anyway, I'll check in again when I've managed to sneak some snaps with Jim's camera. Then YOU can tell ME what's what among the Jimelia apothecary.

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