Sunday, June 25, 2006

vancouver through my lens

We made a run for the Canadian border.

And this is the closest I got to a real Canadian Mountie.

This is the view from Stanley Park.

And another view, through the trees.

I really enjoyed Stanley Park, I wish we had one like it in Los Angeles (and don't talk to me about Griffiths Park). It was so pretty, very well maintained, huge, and with tons of activities. I didn't take many Patel shots, just stuff like this:

As Jim mentioned on his blog, we enjoyed it so much we're considering going back in six weeks or so for an international fireworks festival, the Celebration of Light. Hopefully by then I will have figured out how to take pictures of fireworks displays that aren't crappy.


dgarzila said...

Beautiful pictures.

I love the great outdoors up north.

Angel ABC said...

Got your postcard yesterday! Did you find any Mounties to mount me?