Monday, January 30, 2006

object of my desire

pink Hello Kitty bowling ball

It's so pretty, so very pretty. I'm getting one and getting a big "C" engraved on it so it won't get mixed up with Helena's (she's also getting a pink one and an "H" engraved on hers).

Anybody else interested in joining Team Hello Kitty?


Shannon said...

that is very tempting...very.

jim said...

no way, team mötley crüe is where it's at.

or maybe team cow print.

if only they made a chi chai monchan ball.

Nanette said...

Ooooh! Fun!!!

Angel ABC said...

I just heard that Staples actually sells those "easy" buttons. I'm going to get one of those. I think Hello Kitty is cute though.

jim said...

you can order the easy button online.