Thursday, July 07, 2005

find love at cole's

Are you a single female in Los Angeles, still looking for that special someone? How do you feel about spending time in Las Vegas? Are you okay with spending time in a dive bar in downtown Los Angeles? Then I want you to meet Ali. He's the proprietor of Cole's and this Friday is his divorce party.

You'll get to meet his friends as most of them will be there to help him celebrate or lament the demise of his marriage. You'll get a chance to see/hear one of the most amazing live bands - I See Hawks in L.A. - they weren't on the regular schedule but this is a special event and so they'll be there to serenade you.

Ali asked me if I knew anyone I could introduce him to, and to invite any special ladies to his divorce party. Although normally a very private person, he was okay with me posting this information on my blog. I wasn't sure at first. Whoever he hooks up with next has to realize this - Ali has some very protective friends. For instance, what if you guys hit it off? I hope we get along because I spend quite a bit of time there and you'll probably be hanging out there a lot. If we don't like each other, then I may have to spend less time there (we won't say what happened to my Cole's attendance during his brief marriage). What if the other regulars don't like you? Will I get all sorts of grief from them? Will they hang out less at Cole's? We can't have that.

I finally came to the conclusion that all those considerations matter less when I think of Ali's happiness. He's a good guy, a lot of fun, knows how to treat a lady and a heart as big as the outdoors. I can't speak to his other body parts. You must be okay with firearms. You must be okay with Vegas, did I mention that? And you must be okay with his coterie of strange, but highly entertaining friends.

I know what else you're thinking. What about the men? If the stars align correctly, you'll have someone behind the bar to wax rhapsodic about as well. There's a female bartender at Cole's, let's name her Kitty, who is pretty special as well. She's really cute, smart (she's a writer doing time behind the bar instead of in front of it), fantastic smile, and a hot ass. Kitty isn't there all the time, just whenever Ali calls her in, but you could call ahead and ask Ali if she'll be tending bar this Friday (213-622-4090).

Finally, I have to tell you what isn't normally written about Cole's, but the regulars know too well. Cole's - where the men are slow and the women are fast. So will I see you at Cole's this Friday?


Dave Bullock / eecue said...

well neither my fiance nor I are single, but we may just make the long trek across the street to coles this friday... if so i'll see you there =]

Eric said...

frequent reader who hasn't before commented. really enjoy your blog. I'm sold on Cole's and must talk the girlfriend into going, although, come to think of it, I'm glad we missed Friday. No need to tempt her with too many alternatives.