Tuesday, June 14, 2005

we get email

My weekend was a little less rambunctious than usual, but I didn't think I'd receive a complaint:

Dear Celia,

I was very disappointed that there were no overdoses at our event at the Formosa Cafe in Hollywood this past Saturday... please remit and explain why you could not provide us with these, Celia. They were an explicit requirement of the production staff. I counted during the wrap and there were absolutely zero OD's all evening. We thought you would be responsible for supplying the necessary talent and props to reconcile these production expectations with the reality of a straight-edged westside crowd. You came highly recommended and we feel that this referral may now be in question. Again, we would appreciate an explanation to the contrary.

Kind Regards,

NAME OMITTED (we have to protect the PR bunny's identity)
Stratospheric Monkey Productions

I emailed the co-host of the Schmucklerfest, in case there was more action after I left. No response yet. If anybody else was at the Schmucklerfest and have information about the body count for the evening, please leave a comment below (prefer this) or email me.

As for the email above, I didn't realize that it was a condition of my invitation, I don't read the fine print. I hope I don't see a sudden reduction in the number of invites flowing into the penthouse, that would be bad.


celia said...

Schmucklerfest is Andy Schmuckler's annual birthday party. One year in the way back past when it was held on Franklin, I fell asleep on the curb while waiting for a cab. This incident grew to epic proportions (including me OD'ing yearly at said event) where all versions of story flew around town.

Some say this adds to the "edgier" appeal of events much like Schmucklerfest that dot the Los Angeles nightscape and this email functions as a comment on how downtown life and culture can be appropriated to sell liquor, film, music and other forms of entertainment.

TheMommason said...

How dare you not OD this year for shame for shame... LOL

Next year bring an extra bottle of Midol and give them to spazoid now that would be a great OD... PR bunny Ods on Midol The caffeen toxicity of it would have her swinging fromt he ceiling