Thursday, June 23, 2005

more tubes

The last time someone stood over me and said, "Swallow, swallow, swallow...", let's just say there weren't three other fully-clothed people in the room.

Yesterday, the nurse inserted a temporary feeding tube into my sister. I couldn't watch, not fully. I had to keep looking away. I don't know why, it's just another tube. I think Laura is now down to 80 pounds. We went to my parent's house this past Sunday for Father's Day and even though I warned my family, the shock of seeing her so thin really hit them hard. But this feeding tube will help immensely.

James, Laura's husband just called a few minutes ago. The nurse was back again today, re-inserting the feeding tube. Laura was sleepwalking again last night and she pulled out the tube. She's okay now, but on Monday she's getting a different tube, one that she can't pull out, either accidentally or in a morphine-aided sleepwalking fit.

I have to go out today and can't hang out with my sister today. Even though I know she's not alone, that James is there, I don't like not being there.

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