Thursday, June 22, 2006

relieved times infinity

It's done. I finished the screenplay this morning, sent it off, talked to the development exec right before she left for lunch, and she's "very excited". Me? I don't possess the vocabulary to explain just how I feel. Relieved is a huge understatement. Sure, there will be re-writes (bigshot producer told me to expect six, tops), but nothing as major as six weeks to write an original screenplay. BTW, I never want to hear or read another word about the South during Reconstruction. Screw socially-conscious period dramas, I need to write my "Asian Pie" screenplay and laugh all the way to the bank.

So what does this mean? It means I am back among the living again. Last night Jim and I caught a screening of Chinatown, one of my all-time fave films, at the Orpheum, part of the LA Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats. We missed A Star Is Born because Jim didn't think I'd want to go, so he didn't get tickets. When I found out that was the film we missed, I fainted. Just kidding. I did faint, but that was for a different reason and, trust me, that story deserves its own blog entry.

Tonight, I'm going to blow off some steam at my favorite downtown supersecretlatenighthangout. Couldn't make it last week as I was in Seattle and Vancouver. But that's also for another blog entry. So we roll tonight, to the guitar bite... and for those of you who know of it and where it is, come on out and blow off steam with me! I'll probably head over around 10:30pm or so.

Last night, walking home from the Orpheum, we ran into my loftmate Lucas. He was occupying the corner table on the patio of Pete's - the table usually occupied by Kristin. BTW, has anyone seen Kristin lately? That's three nights that I didn't see her at her usual table. Anyway, I digress. A few tables away was a dear friend who we'll blogname Charo. Charo is a Higginite (resident of the Higgins building) and one of those cute, fun, unpretentious downtown chicks I love hanging out with. She was having drinks on the patio with these guys, and she asked where I'd been hiding. Then she dropped the line I'd been dreading, "You get engaged and now we never see you." Aaargh. Don't blame Jim, it's me, all me and that whole writing career thing. Hey, did you see that Super Lotto is up to $82 million?


Angel ABC said...

Hey Miss Hollywood screenwriter! Congrats! And all the best. I know I'm down somewhere on the list (No. 49?)for tickets to your premiere, but definitely put me down for two.


Your cousin from Chi-Town

Shannon said...

damn, saw this too late to come join in on the fun last night...and i really could have used some cheering up too. oh well. next time.

celia said...

Are you kidding me Angel? You're in the Top 10, at least. And I'm writing a character "inspired" by you in my blockbuster teen flick, "Asian Pie".