Monday, July 25, 2005

i attract the lunatic fringe

I caught the Grand Performances Basquiat screening at CalPlaza this weekend. It was such a nice cool evening and a much smaller crowd than I've seen all summer at the Watercourt. I sat next to this guy who kept drinking from his flask throughout the evening. It smelled like whisky, but I didn't ask as I didn't want to encourage more conversation. He was chatty, which I don't have a problem with (as long as it isn't during the movie), but he was really loud. People around us kept turning around to look at him, and although no one shushed him I certaily would have welcomed it. Halfway through the movie, I got a creepy feeling that I was being watched intently. I turned around and he was staring at me instead of the screen. Ugh. He chilled eventually. Later, he offered me a mint, and I didn't take it until after the movie, on the walk home. I conked out as soon as I got home so I think it may have been a roofie. Either that or I was just exhausted.

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