Sunday, March 14, 2010

this is cutting it close

I've been writing for DTLAX Magazine, a quarterly magazine for/about Downtown Los Angeles, published by my friend Bert Green (longtime downtown resident, director of the Bert Green Fine Art, and founder of the wildly successful Downtown Art Walk).

My latest, titled, "Peeing In Public" can be found on p13 of the Winter Issue and "I Can See The Streets From Where I Am Now" is on p16 of the Summer Issue. I bring this up because the next issue will be going to press soon and I have to turn in 600 words by tomorrow. And so far, I have nothing. Nothing.


spookyyank said...

I'm currently living at the Alexandria and was hoping you could tell me more about it. I fell in love with the building at first sight and tho it can be frustrating (the hot water is going off AGAIN Monday!) I'd really love to learn all I can about the place. I'm also a writer - is the downtown writer's group still meeting up? I'd really like to meet other writers (working and non like me!) in the area.

jpcoolican said...

i'm a new blogger for LA Weekly. Can we meet? email me: pcoolican [at]

Majd said...

Hey there!

I'm Majd Murad, and I’m interning at Wordspace. I’m writing to you because we want you in here! You're a screenwriter and we've got all sorts of opportunities you can use-we can help you workshop something you're working on, or host a reading for you, and maybe even get you the connections you need to advance your scripts...

We’re interested in creating relationships with artists/writers/performers and developing creative possibilities. We have new workshops, seminars, reading events, open mics, and a few performances going all through the fall coming up. If you’re into playwriting, performance, poetry, fiction or general creative writing I’m sure we can get you in here doing something! Get on the mailing list or let me know what you’re interested in so I can help you get involved. You can email me at


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