Thursday, December 11, 2008

things to do and see tonight

It's that time of the month again, tonight is the December Downtown Art Walk. As always, lots to see and do. blogdowntown has a good rundown on what's going down, check it out if you want to plan out your evening.

As they mentioned, Raw Materials is hosting "Getting Your Sh*t Together" tonight during the Art Walk, an evening of workshops, Q&A's, and demonstrations of business software for artists of all kinds. Good times. Even if you don't need to get your art sh*t together, I hope you stop by the store and say hi.

I'm at the store now and will most likely be here most of the night. I am, however, taking a break to head next door for Metropolis Books' event. Frances Dinkelspiel will be reading from "Towers of Gold: How One Jewish Immigrant Named Isaias Hellman Created California." Dinkelspiel's great-great-grandfather, Isaias Hellman, was the founder of the Farmers & Merchants Bank at 4th & Main, instrumental to the establishment of USC and the growth of downtown Los Angeles, and the financier who changed California forever. I am currently reading this book and it's been heaven for a history buff like me. I was reading about Hellman starting the Farmers & Merchants Bank while sitting at the entrance to the bank during the Old Bank District's Holiday Block Party this past weekend. I wonder what Hellman would've thought about our little community and the Downtown Art Walk. The reading starts at 7pm.

Brady Westwater just stopped by the store to let me know that the LA Times will be videotaping tonight's Art Walk. Hi Mom!

See you tonight!

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shainLA said...

mmm, thanks for the info on the Hellman book. i've been looking over my notes for the Spring/Main tour revamp that the Conservancy is doing and the Hellman name is all over it. and of course i already knew about his USC connection...i love LA history!!