Tuesday, September 16, 2008

where in the world is celia?

Riga, Latvia. That's where I'll be in about 13 hours. I'm somewhat unprepared for this - I'm still packing but I have no idea what I've thrown in my suitcase so far. We depart from LAX in a few short hours, then a short layover in Paris before touching down in Riga.

Wonton has been moping around as if he knows we're taking off without him. He's already in his crate, pouting and refusing to play with me. I'm going to miss my puppy, but one of the things I wanted from this trip was the chance to focus on my writing and not be distracted by a brazilian things (like Wonton's cute puppy face). Hopefully the Art Nouveau architecture won't distract me too much.

My brother-in-law James will be minding the store while Jim and I are gone, so if you haven't met him yet go in and say hi.

I'll try to post some pics while over there. Everyone play nice while we're gone.


Anonymous said...

What? Why are you going? What? You're open? Where have I been? What's with all my questions?

Angel ABC said...

Have fun on the other side of the world! Thanks again for last weekend in L.A.! -- The nuns...

celia said...

jenn - my husband jim is attending a developers conference for sun microsystems/mysql and i'm just along for the ride. yes, our store had a soft opening, we don't have all our inventory yet and our grand opening will most likely be in october. we've been very low-key about it, no press releases or ribbon-cuttings with our city councilman.

angel - it was fun seeing you and hanging out with the other nuns. i'm looking forward to your next show.