Wednesday, July 23, 2008

aging gracefully - not

A few months ago our Prius got a flat, so I went to Costco for a replacement tire. I also needed to pick up some anti-aging face cream (they sell it for a lot less than the $165 that Macy's charges), so already you might have a clue to what my frame of mind was.

It was a weekday, and the parking lot was full of middle-aged housewives. Partly because of the company, mostly because of what I saw looking back at me in the mirror that morning, I was feeling very not young. I walked up to the counter, and despite his facial hair, tattoos, and piercings, the guy behind the counter looked like he wasn't old enough to drive. Actually, he looked like a zygote.

I told him the problem, what size tire I needed, etc. The tires were on sale, it would only be a 2-hour wait, so I handed him my Costco AMEX card, which has my picture on the back. It's a funny picture. I look tough, like I'm posing for my mugshot, but I also look about ten years younger so, you know, I like the photo.

He looks at the picture, looks up at me, then back at the card and again at me.

"Don't I look like I'm yakuza in that picture? Don't be scared."

The zygote laughed, nodding.

"Yeah, you look pretty tough."

He printed out my estimate, then asked, "Can I get your car keys?"

Every time I park valet, I worry that the attendants won't know how the safe key thing works on a Prius. It can be complicated to the uninitiated. I started to hand him my keys, but I pulled them back and before I could stop myself the words just came tumbling out.

"Can you rock a Prius?"

Inwardly, I shuddered. But I remained poker-faced. If Baby Hipster Mechanic thought I was ridiculous for saying that, he didn't show it.

He nodded as he took my keys, "Yeah, I can rock a Prius."

I gave him my keys, signed the estimate - I just couldn't get out of there fast enough. "Can you rock a Prius?" That does it, it's official, I'm ridiculous.


Ginny Brideau said...

Remember, that's how we roll downtown.

Happy said...

Don't worry, you rock the web!

Anonymous said...

go yakuza go