Tuesday, June 24, 2008

mothers, lock up your sons

Cousin Angel is in town, visiting from Chicago. He was in San Francisco for another cousin's wedding, then down here to lock down a venue and confirm details for bringing his hit play, Nunsense, to Los Angeles in September.

Much like me, Cousin Angel seems to have gotten a lot of his ya-yas out. But then again, he's full of surprises. I don't know if he's going to be seducing another one of my friends into playing for the other team, if we'll end up drunk in a gay karaoke bar on Lankershim, or if he's going to have sex on my roof again, but we'll be starting the festivities around 8pm tonight at Banquette.


Joe Cornish said...

Your cousin plays for the pink team? Welcome to L.A., Angel!

Angel ABC said...

L.A. was a big whirl! And Banquette was fun! Sitting out on the sidewalk chairs was an experience, as was meeting Celia's peeps from the hood. That night I also got to see several of my friends who are all trying to break into the biz. L.A., I love ya!

SAS said...

I found this description of Cousin Ya Ya ... I mean Cousin Angel really funny. Great to see some honesty here too!!