Thursday, January 10, 2008

things to do downtown today

1) Bring Wonton to The Lofty Dog for grooming. (Done! Wonton is there now and I think he's liveblogging.)

2) Check out some of my favorite galleries during tonight's Downtown ArtWalk. (Done! Sort of. Passed by Lost Souls Cafe (ube shake, yum!), Art Murmur, and Bert Green Fine Art on the way back. I'm so glad I walked back from The LD instead of taking the DASH. I loved Lost Souls' new menu and need to come back again soon, I loved the new installation in Bert's window and I really really wish I had the cheddar to purchase all of Yun Bai's works in the first room at Art Murmur.)

3) Check out a few comedians performing tonight at the Inaugural Comedy Walk. My vote for the best venue so far? The men's room at the Palace Theater.

4) Have dinner at LiliYa China Bistro and catch up with my soon-to-be-married friend, Helena.

5) Pick up Wonton at The LoftyDog just in time for Yappy Hour.

6) Write.

And not necessarily in that order.


Mahala said...

Is Wonton your dog? Cuz like, that's the coolest dog name I've heard in ages.

LAstraphanger said...

Celia, your blog fans miss you!

celia said...

mahala - yes, wonton is my dog. thanks, then i guess the name fits because he is one of the coolest dogs ever.

lastraphanger - can i call you strappy? i'd feel much closer to you if you'd let me. and thanks, i know i've been sucking at this blogging thing. i just have to clear a few more things off my to-do list and i'll be right back to blogging.

LAstraphanger said...

strappy's cool with me :-)

Rick Andreoli said...

I hope the lack of blogging means mucho writing. Eric, Phil, Steve and I had dinner at Medusa Lounge on the weekend and we spoke lovingly of you. Hope we meet soon!

Urban Memo said...

where did you go?