Tuesday, December 19, 2006

5 things you didn't know about me

Dave tagged me with a "5 Things You Didn't Know About Me" meme, so here's my list:

1. I'm a mezzo-soprano.
2. I used to be a mime.
3. I played the leader of a Chinese gang in a prison film.
4. My brother shot me in the ass with a BB gun one Christmas morning, just as soon as he could unwrap and load it.
5. I learned how to swim at the age of 16 in a YMCA class populated by five-year-olds.

I tag Mack, Mike, Mondo Rick-o, Nanette, and my favorite corn-fed Asian-American Hoosier Queer in suburban Los Angeles.


Nanette said...

Oh, fun! Ok, I'll do it! :)

Rick Andreoli said...

How fun! I'll hit this as my next posting!

cynical2afault said...


I just saw this, since I get so much spam on my tag board. I'll reply this week. :-)

- OutOutBlogger