Monday, October 16, 2006

mail bag

We get email:

Dear Vagina Monologue:

I realize you're in the throes of wedding planning bliss, but could you maybe update your blog already? Tell me about the trannies, hookers, drug dealers, corpulent security guards, lofties, their dogs, increased police presence, and kooky behavior on the piss-soaked streets of rapidly-gentrifying downtown. Where's your astrologer? Are you still hanging out with your drug buddy? Where is your supersecrelatenighthangout? Where should I go to get the best burger/sushi/thai/chinese/bbq/mexican/armenian/pizza after 2am downtown, and do you think Fiore's is better than Pinkberry, location aside?



Yeah, sorry about that. I blame it on work. But now the television project that I was working on is over. They wanted to extend my contract, but I wasn't feeling it. Feels good to turn down work I can't get excited about. Most importantly, I finally turned in the screenplay to Bigshot Producer and they like it. She called me the other day to get my input on casting. The next few weeks could be very exciting.


Dave Bullock / eecue said...

I would like to play the fat annoying Jewish guy if there is a part for me.


btw, we're going to have another bbq soon... and although you live so very far away, you guys should come through!

celia said...

There aren't any fat annoying Jewish guys in the script, mostly because it's set in Nashville six years after the end of the Civil War. Wanna play a redneck instead?

Yay, bbq! And we've almost got our bar up and running so you and Penelope have to come over and help us break it in.