Wednesday, July 19, 2006

we're getting hitched at the train station

Jim and I finally picked a venue for our wedding - The Harvey House Room (scroll halfway down the page) at Union Station in downtown Los Angeles. Here's the relevant part from the description on Wikipedia:
"Attached to the main building to the south is a small masterpiece, the remarkable station restaurant designed by southwestern architect Mary Colter (the last of the "Harvey House" restaurants to be constructed as a part of a passenger terminal). Although now usually padlocked and stripped of many interior furnishings, the topology of its rounded central counter dynamically thrust forward, its streamlined booths, and the inlaid floor patterns still constitute a busy and evocative sense of place. As with many Angelean locations, it has only survived by serving as an occasional filming location."

Jim wrote more about it here with a cool picture of the interior. I'm so jazzed.


Shannon said...

that's awesome. i love union station and the harvey house is a really nice space.

Nanette said...

That's gorgeous! Congrats on finding a venue. That's half the battle!

Mike said...

Dude! That's where Maria and I got married! Fantastic space. Magical night. Congrats!