Saturday, December 09, 2006

serenity now

My nerves are shot. I sent off my screenplay to the Development Exec this past Thursday. It's going out for this weekend's read. So far, three studios are interested. Bigshot Producer doesn't want to go wide. The third one had requested the screenplay twice. It's perfect for them, "Exactly what they're looking for," I'm told.

I sat there decompressing after I sent it off. I didn't know what to do with myself, I was still pretty wound up, kind of like right now. Is it really two days later? I really can't relax, not until I hear what they think about the script. Will there be more rewrites? Will I be hired to rewrite them or will they hire the director's best friend to rewrite me?

I looked at the list that Jim compiled, the list of all the things we need to do for the wedding. I think this is when I start panicking, there's still so much left to do. But all I can think is, "I wonder if they're reading it right now. I wonder what they think about the second act midpoint? Or the third act." So I start outlining my next script, I go over my notes from film school, I silently freak out.

Friday I checked a bunch of things off the wedding to-do list. Bought the fur, check. Bought the flower girls' dresses and jacket, the junior bridesmaid's dress and jacket, check, check. I fired our florist last week (that's a whole other story), so I made appointments with other florists, check. Now if I can only find my passport I'll have one less thing to stress out about. I am a raw bundle of nerves.


Nanette said...

Good luck with your screenplay!!!

And if you need a florist recommendation, let me know. (Unless mine was the one you fired. *gulp*)

celia said...

thanks nanette! i appreciate the good ju-ju.

i think we've narrowed the field down to three contenders. was your florist bart from jacob maarse in pasadena? i find it difficult to talk about it without wanting to bash someone's face in, but basically, they suck. they wasted too much of my time. i realize my little wedding is of no consequence to a florist who does the volume of business they do, but i fired them after it was evident that they didn't value my time and i couldn't trust them to show up on january 13, 2007 with flowers. if anyone is thinking of using them, i will gladly schedule an intervention. when my caterer heard i fired them, she asked, "did they act snooty, like they were doing you a favor by doing your wedding?" that was the least of my complaints.