Saturday, April 29, 2006

weekend plans

Sorry for the scarcity of posts, I didn't mean to alarm anybody. This working for a living thing is really messing with my blogtime. I'm working on a screenplay for the past three weeks, it's due to the producer this week. I can't say much about the project or which studio, but I can blog about the effect it has had on the rest of my life. Other than immigration protests and marches downtown, I have no idea what else is going on in the outside world.

Last night was my first night out in a long time where I didn't have to check the time and think, "Okay, gotta get back home and back to work on that screenplay." Jim and I went to Cole's for dinner, but didn't stay for I See Hawks in L.A. - I had to be up early this morning and after two drinks I was done. This morning I went to San Diego with my mom to try on a wedding dress. That's a whole other post.

Tonight, Jim and I are going to a Lyric Opera Los Angeles performance of Manon Lescat at the Los Angeles Theatre. Brady Westwater of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council is nice enough to hook up downtown residents with some tickets, gratis, and if it's free it's me - so we're there. My brother and his date are joining us, and as usual I'm running late, so I better go. There's another show tomorrow, if you're a downtown resident and into it, hit up Brady/DLANC for tickets.

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Nanette said...

Oh, good luck with the screenplay! :)