Saturday, April 01, 2006

last days of cole's

Ali told me it's a done deal, Cole's has been sold. Previous buyers had backed out because of the landlord's "unfair" terms, which won't happen this time because his landlord bought Cole's. He said that we're probably looking at three months before Cole's as we know it is gone. Damn.


Dave Bullock / eecue said...

ok now i'm pissed... please tell me that the new owners are going to keep the theme the same... please please please... cole's is an important historical landmark.

in other news, if they aren't going to keep it the same can I buy some of the old signage?

celia said...

Scott, it's not about what they do with the physical space. It's the change in management and then the resulting change in clientele. If Ali isn't behind the bar, who will Gary play backgammon with in the afternoon? And where will Allan get his daily turkey dinner? Where else will we find Kristin behind the bar? Or other guest bartenders like Adam, Jason, Maz, and Big Eric? What about I See Hawks in L.A., where will we go see them if not the back room at Cole's? Of course when the Super Seniors graduate in May, will the kids move out of the 'hood and their visits not be as frequent? Where will I get my roast beef french dip from that's stumbling distance from the penthouse? Will my sister's wedding pictures still hang from the wall?

"The times they are a-changing..."

Unknown said...

Cole's has been purchased by Cedd Moses and Niel Frazier (from Grace - he beat the Iron Chef). They are going to keep the theme VERY much the same with major improvements. Personally I wouldn't dare eat there again until the reopening. Don't hold your breath though - these things take years.