Friday, September 16, 2005

honolulu, then havana

At long last we got the word from the cemetery in Hawaii - Laura's burial is set for Wednesday, September 21st. I fly out to Hawaii this Sunday and return in a week. I'm not sure I want to come back to Los Angeles, not for a while. I just don't know where else to go. My brother-in-law James has told me more than a few times that he can't go anywhere in this city - everything reminds him of Laura. I understand too well.

Maybe because we were in a Cuban bakery/cafe, but at lunch the other day I told James and my brother Angel that I wanted to go to Cuba for a month. I had just polished off this amazing pastry - a ball of ground beef inside a mashed potato ball, deep-fried - sort of like shepherd's pie but because of the shape, more like shepherd's balls. I finished one of those, started on a chicken empanada and thought, "I could eat nothing but Cuban food for two weeks straight. With desserts, rum drinks, good music, and a copy of The Snows of Kilimanjaro, I could stay maybe a month." More importantly, I have no memories of Laura and Cuba.

We stopped short of ordering one of each pastry in the display case, but just a little short. Hopped up on sugar and dreaming of sultry nights at El Floridita, I made my way back downtown, mentally packing for Honolulu and Havana.

I need to be more careful with what I eat these days.


Nanette said...

celia - I've been visiting your blog and have been meaning to comment for a few weeks now, but I wasn't sure what to say that you haven't already heard. I read James' post on your sister's blog while I was at work and started crying. That was the first time a blog had brought me to tears. I have been reading your blog and Laura's for a few months now. I'm fortunate to have had a glimpse into both of your lives via the sites. My condolences to you, James and your entire family.

darleene said...

mmmm, potato balls. the chocolate chip cookies will make you feel good too.

Anonymous said...

Hey there.

I have a blog too! Isn't that cool! Oh...maybe not. Should you want to peruse it is at:

also, if you've got some Cuba questions, I've got answers (maybe). Got back about 5 months ago from a 2 week trip.