Monday, June 20, 2005

weekend wrap-up: friday

Eased into Friday night by wrapping up work on that photography book. Craig and I put away a bottle of wine and I was pink-faced by the time Ping showed up, announcing her hunger and asking when we could leave and eat Korean. Unfortunately, on the way to K-Town and Tofu House, the cops pulled us over. One of his headlights was out.

The cop on the passenger side asked us to roll down our windows so he could see what Ping and I were doing (windows are tinted dark). I saw his shoulders relax a little and he’s chatting us up, asking if this was our neighborhood, where we were headed, etc. His partner is running our plates, so it’s just him and the three of us in the car. I saw Craig’s back stiffen up when he heard the cop tell me “I like working at night. I like night people, the wild and crazy people,” but he didn’t turn around. Craig and Ping exchange looks, then I see Craig bracing for what’s coming next. Uh-oh, here it comes. The cop starts flirting. And his rap is lame. But I didn't react the way you think a drunken Celia would react when some buster laying a lame rap is standing between her and a bulgogi/soon tofu combination. He was LAPD after all, and I do know when to behave.

After what felt like an hour, we were on our way to tofu. Craig said he was worried I’d gone too far, “I thought he was going to make you get out and do a sobriety test, touch your nose, walk the line and everything.”

I was truly puzzled, “Why?”

“When he asked you how often you drink, you said, ‘Only when I’m awake.’ What you don’t remember that? Because it was only about five minutes ago.”

My friends put up with so much.

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