Tuesday, June 07, 2005

casting call for reality shows

If anyone is interested in being on a reality TV show, here are two more ways to work out your issues in a public arena:

Casting Call: A new series for TLC produced by Evolution USA is seeking families, work groups, couples, pairs, whoever, whose bickering is so bad they can no longer accomplish the simplest of jobs or function efficiently. For instance, two girlfriends are no longer on speaking terms after trying to plan her wedding; a couple can't stop arguing long enough to pick a color to paint the kitchen; an office group is so at odds that work is no longer getting done at all! Casting is kicking off in LA - for info contact Joanna Shapiro at Joanna.shapiro@evolutionusa.com or Rachel Stevens at Rachel.stevens@evolutionusa.com.

Casting Call: LOGO is on the lookout for individuals who would like to come out to their colleagues within the next few months for a new documentary on coming out at work. The program will be included as part of the gay/lesbian network's Momentum series. Contact LOGOoutonjob@mtvstaff.com with name, location, photo (current), telephone number and who you plan on coming out to and why

I'm not involved with either of these projects so I can't offer any inside information. Just helping to get the word out, helping people connect. See how good I am? I just drip sugar.

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