Friday, October 12, 2007

we feast on 'gina tonight

At long last and after a false alarm, we have an open 'gina in Little Tokyo*. Jim and I will join other downtown bloggers and readers/'gina lovers at the Little Tokyo Pastagina tonight and hopefully it will live up to the hype. Because there are few things worse than getting all riled and up excited for some 'gina, only to get some and realize it wasn't all that.

*I had to point out that we're getting some 'gina in Little Tokyo because there are two other 'gina's planned for the downtown area, one in South Park by the Ralph's and I think 3rd and Hope. Point is, 'ginas are opening up all over downtown.

So if you aren't sure what you're doing for dinner or are just 'gina-curious, come out to join us for some 'gina. Afterwards, some of us are going to check out Vibiana and all this Fashion Week hoopla, so maybe we'll see you around.

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shainLA said...

i'm getting ready for this evening...i had fish tacos for lunch!