Thursday, July 19, 2007

good news - i won / bad news - i'm old

el rey theatre marquee raul malo

Thanks to the lovely people over at losanjealous, I won tickets to see Raul Malo at the El Rey Theatre this past Tuesday. I read somewhere that it was also his record release party, though I didn't see any evidence of that.

I was very surprised that I won the tickets. I never win anything. Then we got to the El Rey and saw the crowd. It was an older crowd. And I was one of them. I remembered the other ticket giveaways and shows mentioned on losanjealous - those were the shows that kids these days go to. Their parents, go to the show I was at. I think I won only because I'm the oldest person to read losanjealous. If we made a Venn diagram of losanjealous readers and Raul Malo fans who could get out of the house on a school night to attend a concert, I would probably be the only overlap. So I guess it makes sense that I won the tickets.

I must admit, I'm only a casual fan. I was a big Mavericks fan and have all their CDs, but only one Raul Malo solo CD. He started off with a song unfamiliar to me, a real slow snorer of a song. Bad choice to open with, but his voice was amazing. He sang a bunch of covers, most of them from his 2006 release, You're Only Lonely. But about four songs in, he covered one of my favorite Dwight Yoakam songs, "Pocket of a Clown" from This Time. Okay, he had me.

raul malo at el rey theatre

A funny moment in the show - during "What A Crying Shame", Raul Malo picked up a tray of shots. It looked like Patron Silver from where I was standing, but I could be wrong. So anyway, mid-song, he offers one to the guy on keyboards, who accepts. Raul hold the tray up to his drummer, who immediately drops his sticks and takes a shot glass. The bass player, who had been distracting me throughout the show because he's a dead ringer for Eric Richardson of blogdowntown (seriously, I had to check to make sure he wasn't wearing flip-flops onstage), does his best to keep the rhythm going, but succumbs and takes a shot. Music forgotten, they toast and drink. A beat, then they pick up where they left off and finish the song.


What's even more pathetic than the quality of these "craptastic cell phone photos" (as losanjealous calls them) taken at the show? That we had to leave the show before it ended. To let the puppy out. Then to sing him to sleep and put him to bed. This is the new me? I don't know if the old, pill-popping, vodka-swilling, up-all-night-but-where-are-we-going-for-brunch me would be happy for the new me, or sneer before dispatching the new me with a dismissive wave. Thanks for the tickets losanjealous, and in a roundabout way, thanks for gently making me face the fact that I'm not a kid anymore.

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