Friday, July 13, 2007

and they said it wouldn't last

Jim and I have been married for six months today. I asked him, "Since it's our six-month anniversary, should we do something half-assed?" But then I realized, we do things half-assed all the time, it wouldn't be anything special.

The other week, I was showing my mom our new Prius. I was taking her shopping, so she hopped in the passenger seat while I showed off all the nifty features. Then she asked, "So, are you happy?"

Clueless, I replied, "Yeah, I love this car!"

She sighed, "No, I mean, are you happy with Jim?"

You have to remember my mom has a rather heavy Filipino accent, which over 20 years in America and a six-month accent removal class hasn't mellowed. So when she asked that, it sounded more like, "Ahr you happy wit Jeem?" How I didn't have to shove my fist in my mouth to keep from laughing, I don't know.

But yes, I am very happy with Jeem. Happy 6 months baby!


shainLA said...

yin and yang, or gin and tang....whatever you name it, you guys are meant for each other. a perfect fit in my book.


Trenting said...

That's cute and reminds me so much of conversations with my mom in the car (sans the accent)
Congrats you six monther you !

Nanette said...

Awww, cute mom!

And happy 1/2 anniversary!