Tuesday, August 01, 2006

the new pad

Jim and I are moving into our first pad together. It's downtown, two blocks away from Jim's pad and my current pad. It's the penthouse where we first met, where my sister was married, where we held the blood drives, where Jim drunkenly disrobed and posed for pictures wearing a towel, and where we had our engagement party a few months ago. I feel like we won the lottery.

Our dear friend and wedding coordinator Adam, the previous tenant, decided to quit his job and spend a year traveling around the world. By the way, we need a new wedding coordinator. So Adam called us with his good news and asked if we were interested in taking over his lease. We jumped at the chance, jumped through some hoops for the landlord, and yesterday, we picked up the keys to our new pad.

More to come.


Nanette said...

Congrats on the new pad!

Drop me a line at nannersp at gmail dot com if you want a list of coordinators. Do you need just a day-of or a full-on coordinator?

Shannon said...

wow. you're going from one awesome place to another. i'm so jealous AND happy for the both of you!!!

Angel ABC said...

I have to say I have fond memories of both pads. Getting naked with your straight friend on the roof of the Alexandria topping the list. Well, we knew the good times couldn't last forever. I'm just glad that you're moving into a place that has just as many cool memories. Congratulations and I can't wait to come back to L.A.


Cousin Angel