Thursday, December 22, 2005

a leprechaun, a hillbilly couple, and my astrologist walk into a bar...

A few weeks ago, my new favorite super-secret late-night hangout was out of control. In addition to the great DJ (I danced for hours!), the super-attractive, fun and friendly crowd, the cheap drinks and the mellow vibe - all great reasons to patronize this underground anti-establishment establishment - there was a guy with a popcorn machine. And with this machine, he popped kernels of corn in oil that was infused with marijuana, and then doused with butter, also infused with marijuana. Like I said - out of control. Of course I didn't realize that was the situation until a hillbilly couple asked me if I were interested in a threesome. Then a leprechaun asked me to go home with him. I think it was a leprechaun, it could've just been the popcorn talking. Clearly, someone was under the influence. It just wasn't clear who. My astrologist was there, texting me furiously, "Where are you? I'm by the popcorn," but I think he fell into a tub of butter and didn't want to come out. At some point I figured it was time to leave. Probably when I realized it was 5am. We treated ourselves to breakfast at the Pacific Dining Car and I made it back home just as the sun came up.

I don't know if there will be any "popcorn" tonight, but I need to blow off a lot of steam just the same. Is anyone even in town? It feels like Night of the Comet in Los Angeles today.


the daniel said...

you must share the location with this fellow downtown denizen!!
danielwh at gmail !

pretty please! i need variety, i can only walk to Bar 107 so many times in one week ;)

celia said...

What makes you think this place is downtown? I have been known to leave downtown from time to time, ya know.

Where's Bar 107?

Shannon said...

damn, wish i were there...sadly i am in flaaarida with the old folks...missing you.


jim said...

bar 107 is the new name for score, the bar in the van nuys building (barclay hotel) at 4th and main.

i'm also away, or i'd be in.

Angel ABC said...

Nice to know where you and Dick Clark were at the stroke of midnight. Bad pun, sorry.