Tuesday, February 15, 2005

neighborhood clothing

Saw a t-shirt on the street today: Rehab Is For Quitters. Whether that is funny or sad changes, depending on what is going on in my neighborhood at any given time.

I place clothes that I don't wear anymore in a nice shopping bag and place it by the trash can on my floor. They're usually gone in an hour. I like when I see my old clothes being worn around the neighborhood and I imagine the path that it took for that shirt or jacket to get to that person. Years ago my sister worked for a really shitty dot-com downtown. She gave a company t-shirt to a homeless man who would normally situate himself by the entrance to her building. It annoyed her coworkers who drank the Kool-Aid to see a homeless person wearing their t-shirt, but Laura and I were glad that it was actually worn.

So if you see a "Fucked Company", "MP3.com", or a old Janet Jackson tour t-shirt being worn in the area around 5th and Spring, you'll know where that came from.

Someone offered to sell me a nice digital camera for $40, then finally $25 the other week. If anyone ever breaks into my home and steals my stuff for drug money or food or whatever, I wonder if someone would try to sell me back my shit, not knowing it was mine.

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