Friday, December 12, 2008

setting the record straight about blossom's "c"

A friend called earlier this week and asked me if it was still okay to eat at Blossom Restaurant.

"What are you talking about?" I yawned, covering the mouthpiece and squinted at the clock. 10:30am. Jeez, don't people sleep during the day anymore?

"There's a "C" rating in their window," she whispered.

I reassured her, "I don't know anything about it, but if it were anything but Asian food, I'd be worried."

So today Jim and I decided to have lunch on the patio at Blossom. We ordered the same thing (#3, #10, #22 and 2 D9's) we always order and settled in to check out the street scene. Then Jim noticed he was blocking the "C" rating and a note that the Blossom Management tacked up, explaining the rating. At that moment, Duc stopped by our table to point out the note and comment, "Those issues were taken care of the next day. Inspectors won't come by to re-inspect and see that we've addressed everything for another four months." Four months with a "C" rating in the window. That could hurt them, especially in this economy.

Here's the note:

For Customers Concerned About the C Rating

Below is a breakdown of the inspection report:

*Consumption of food by staff in food prep area - 6 points
*All containers to be labeled in English
*Cloth instead of plastic lid used to cover container
*Food preparation in customer area - 12 points
*Utensils stored in flour container and next to stove
*Use of domestic appliance
*Food thawed in an area not approved for thawing
*Repair floor and wall section
*Hood ventilation 6 inches out
*Paper hand towels not restocked
*Door to men's bathroom not automatically closing - 9 points

We have taken swift action to rectify the above. Blossom Management and staff are disappointed in the rating however, we feel this does not reflect our high standard of hygiene or quality of food.

If you have any concerns or wish to see the inspection report please speak to one of our waitstaff.

In the meantime we will continue to strive towards restaurant excellence!

Yours sincerely

Blossom Management

Firstly, about the labeling everything in English - really? Secondly, see above.

Please help pass the word around that it's safe to eat at Blossom, I don't want them to suffer from a system that doesn't allow for quick resolutions to inspection issues.

Blossom Restaurant
426 S Main St
Los Angeles, CA 90013
(213) 623-1973‎


Anonymous said...

Still, Cs scare the crap out of me. I think they should incorporate the signs into their signs though. "Special today, *C*hicken". Heh.

Unknown said...

That 4 month wait for a reinspection is terribly unfair, especially for the types of infractions that can be fixed immediately. I still haven't eaten at Blossum yet, but want to, and now I will make it happen sooner than later to support a local merchant that consistantly gets great reviews.

dnd said...

Since an inspector told me that most home kitchens would be graded at "C," a "C" no longer bothers me - but I know that many people feel differently.

Love and Hate LA said...

Yes, I agree Celia.

A grade of C use to scare me and i would avoid a restaurant.
But now lately I know that the letter grade posted at an establishment was given for "At the time of inspection".
So even if a restaurant that gets an A, can be less than on any non inspection day.
I think only a handful of cities in Los Angeles county do not require establishments to visibly post the grade. Including my city Montebello and San Marino as well.

Sean Yoda Rouse said...

The LA County Food Inspector's Facility Ratings Website has been updated to show the C rating. At the top of the list of violations is "007 HANDWASHING - EMPLOYEE DID NOT WASH HANDS". That's not listed in their breakdown.

Considering that this is their second re-inspection since getting downgraded to a B in late September (they improved their score in October, but not enough to rate an A), it's no surprise that they have to wait four months before another inspection.

Unknown said...

Their chicken pho soup is food for the soul. I'll take my chances!

summer said...

oh! i was worried--luke and i looove blossom. so glad to know the story behind the "c." we'll continue stuffing our faces there for a long time.