Saturday, December 29, 2007

wga strike goes to city hall

On December 18, 2007, I attended the City Council's Affordable Housing and Economic Development Committee's Hearing on the impact the WGA Strike has had on the local economy. I took a few pictures and some video.

room fills up
Seven-thirty AM and the room fills up with striking writers.

Kurt Voelker and other writers
Sitting in the Council Chambers, Kurt Voelker suddenly realizes I'm taking a picture. That's Joan Ling in the background, getting ready to testify.

Jack Keyser, from the Los Angeles Economic Development Office, speaks on the impact of the WGA Strike on the local economy (in three parts):

Then, after Jack Keyser finishes up, an economist from UCLA/Andersen Forecast spoke:

Then Steve MacDonald from FilmLA spoke:

John Bowman gave great testimony at the hearing about the WGA Strike:

As did Betsy Thomas:

Other writers (and below-the-liners) also testified, speaking eloquently about the effect of the WGA Strike on the local economy:

After the Committee Hearing, the writers who filled the Council Chambers gathered outside in front of City Hall to hear Eric Garcetti speak (and for a photo opp). After that short break, it was back inside for the City Council Meeting.

writers at City Hall front steps
writers gather in front of City Hall
writers gather at City Hall
writers listen to speakers at City Hall

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