Wednesday, October 05, 2005

friend from the past

I got back home from Hawaii and was reading days-old copies of the LA Times when I saw that a friend that I've known since college but haven't seen in about seven years owns a sex shop on Venice Boulevard called Freddy and Eddy. I met Ian at a ZBT party during my freshman year and he kept me (and eventually my sister Laura) out of a lot of trouble. And when I say kept me out of trouble, I mean he watched and laughed as I engaged in outrageously drunken behavior, then teased me mercilessly about it afterwards. He was the first one to tell me that ZBT stood for Zero But Trying and other things I needed to know about frat boys.

I see that read the same article. I'm so glad that Ian and Alicia are doing well and are getting great notices. I'll probably pop into their shop to say hi sometime in the next week. Ian was also very good friends with my sister, so I hope I can maintain while we catch up.


Im Chele In LA said...

oh you are cool your friend can offer discounts to sex toys..

Freddy and Eddy said...

Wow! This is a blast from the past! Yes, we are indeed involved in the world of sexy fun, so please call us so we can get together and rehash some great times. Alicia

Yes, I do indeed remember keeping this hot sister-duo out of plenty of trouble and she fails to mention the infamous "finger licking incident" the first day we met.

So, how are you two? You know, your sis got to see me naked one late night after too much booze and (other) um, substances as we made a mad dash for the midnight ocean. I seem to remember a conversation preceding that involving proper oral sex technique, but I digress.

Alicia and I are still happily married, with the coolest kid you'll EVER meet. That we ended up peddling smut for a living is a story in itself, but we'll save it for your inevitable visit. Call us soon at 310-915-0380!

(as I write this, the neighbors behind us are having a Halloween party and playing all the 80's crap we used to dance to. Ee-gad, did we really get into Adam Ant and Kool and the Gang this much?)